Once a jury has found a defendant guilty of criminal charges, it is very difficult to convince a judge to grant a new trial in the case. The law firm of Jennifer M. Daniels, P.C. is pleased to report such a victory in a case where the defendant was convicted of Rape and Kidnapping in Gwinnett County!


With a lot of hard work and using her legal expertise, Jennifer Daniels was able to show the judge how the lawyer who tried the case had made numerous mistakes that resulted in the Defendant not receiving a fair trial. The judge has now granted the defendant a new trial where he will be afforded the opportunity to present all the evidence in the case – evidence that points to his innocence.

Bond Opens the Jail Doors

Another Chance for Freedom

In the case, the defendant had been sentenced to 50 years in prison for allegedly kidnapping and raping an acquaintance. Ms. Daniels combed through the case file, reviewed the transcript of the trial and spoke with witnesses about the case. In a lengthy hearing on her Motion for New Trial she was able to show various ways in which the defendant’s trial counsel had made significant mistakes. Those mistakes, without question, led to the defendant’s conviction. Thanks to Ms. Daniels’ hard work, the defendant will get another chance at freedom.

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