To Parents of a Recently Arrested Drug Addict


It’s the call you’ve been dreading, or at least one of the calls you feared would come. You knew in your gut that this moment would arrive. Maybe you warned your son or daughter that their behavior was escalating to the point that getting arrested was inevitable, even as you hoped that it was not. You watched as drug addiction sank its fangs deeper and deeper into their soul and transformed your child into someone you barely recognized. And, now, here they are calling you from jail to tell you they were arrested for a crime.  With the hope for their future seemingly hanging in the balance, you are uncertain what to do to help them. You’re tired, so very tired, and scared.



Over the years, I have helped scores of parents in situations just like this. Addiction adds an different dimension to criminal cases that, if ignored or not treated correctly, will result in more of the same behavior by the addict. More arrests, more sickness, more heartbreak. My goal in representing drug addicts and alcoholics in criminal cases is to try to develop a solution that not only minimizes or even eliminates the impact of the criminal charges, but also addresses the underlying cause of the criminal activity itself. I also understand the dreadful waters you are navigating as a parent – how to support without enabling and how to set boundaries without abandoning.


I have teamed up with a licensed professional counselor with six years of experience working with young adults and their families at a treatment facility. She has the skill and experience to find the right treatment options for the addict and/or family to help get through the darkness and onto a path of recovery as I work to fight the criminal charges. If your son/daughter or loved one has been arrested for a criminal offense stemming from drug or alcohol addiction, please call me at 404-474-2531 for a free and confidential consultation.

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