Criminal Defense

Have you or someone you loved been arrested? Are you facing charges that could seriously impact your life or send you away to prison for a significant period of time? Call Jennifer Daniels now. For 11 years she worked as an Assistant District Attorney with DeKalb County where she handled every type case imaginable from trespassing to trafficking and from misdemeanors to murder. She tried well over a hundred felony jury trials and handled thousands of criminal cases. She knows how prosecutors think and work because she’s been one.

Criminal cases are serious business. A criminal defendant not only faces the potential loss of his/her freedom, but can also lose out in other ways as well. Many crimes in Georgia carry with it the potential loss of the defendant’s driver’s license and convicted felons lose the right to own or possess a firearm as well as their right to vote. No one should attempt to represent themselves in a criminal matter – the risks are just too great.

Since 2005 she has represented criminal defendants all across Metro Atlanta in all types of cases getting great results for her clients. From not guilty verdicts to dismissals to fantastic plea agreements, Jennifer has worked hard to get some amazing results for her deserving clients. Call Jennifer today and discuss your situation with her. She will give you her no-nonsense opinion about your case, the potential outcomes you are facing and give you her plan for how she will handle your case once she’s hired. Call now for a free consultation.