How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Needs

As with any profession, there are some absolutely fantastic Criminal Defense and Personal Injury attorneys out there and there are some who are, well, not. So, how on earth is the average person with no legal training and no real connections in the legal community supposed to find the right Personal Injury or Criminal Defense lawyer to help him with his issue?

Here are some random thoughts to try to help guide the average consumer on how to find the right personal injury or criminal defense lawyer; a lawyer who is skilled in her field and who can satisfy the specific needs of the client. Some of these may seem obvious, but all, I think, are important to consider in the search for an advocate.

1.       Get The Right Type Lawyer For The Right Type Case (such as Personal Injury or Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer).

You wouldn’t hire an eye doctor to fix your heart problem. Likewise, don’t hire a real estate closing attorney to represent you or your family in a serious injury or wrongful death case or to get a loved one out of jail.

2.         Internet Research to Find Personal Injury or Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Most lawyers have websites these days and it’s easy to get on Google, or another search engine and type in what kind of problem you have, the city and state you live in and see what comes up. A website doesn’t equal competence, but it should help you get a good idea about that lawyer.

3.         Ask Friends And Family.

Sometimes you may simply discover who it is that you don’t want to hire rather than who you do, but either way you’ve gained knowledge that will help you make your decision.

4.         Research Your Lawyer.

All lawyers practicing in Georgia must be licensed by the State Bar of Georgia, which maintains a user-friendly website that allows for consumers to find out whether their lawyer has had complaints against them in the past.

5.         Commercials Means High-Volume Which Often Means Low Attention

A lot personal injury lawyers advertise on television. The issue you may experience with those who do advertise is that many tend to be high-volume practices. What that means is they handle thousands of cases a year, most low value, and settle them as quickly as they possibly can. Other personal injury practices such as my own involve taking far fewer cases so that I can give each case the attention it needs in order to maximize the amount of recovery I can get for my clients.

I hope these suggestions can help guide you to the right attorney and help make your search for your legal advocate a little easier.

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