Guilty Verdicts and Appeals

Criminal jury trials are intensely stressful for the Defendant and his/her family. Knowing your fate is in the hands of six or twelve total strangers is nerve racking. Once it reaches the trial stage there isn’t much left to be done by the Defendant or his family.  All that is left is hoping and praying that the defense lawyer is doing his/her best and that the jury is listening. When a guilty verdict comes back, it is devastating.



Thankfully, the jury’s verdict isn’t the last word in a criminal case though admittedly it becomes an uphill battle from that point forward. Within 30 days of the verdict, the Defendant can file either a Motion for New Trial or an Appeal. The point of both those processes is to determine whether any errors were made either by the judge, the prosecutor and/or the defense attorney that would warrant the granting of a new trial for the Defendant. It is extremely important that a skilled lawyer review the case to make that determination.  Trying to handle an Appeal or Motion for New Trial pro se (where the Defendant represents himself) is a huge mistake. The appellate lawyer has to have a great deal of knowledge about the entire trial process in order to determine whether there is an issue for appeal.


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