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We provide free 30 minute consultations via telephone. A consultation involves talking generally about the legal problem and identifying a general sense of the work involved to achieve the best possible outcome.

We offer in person meetings by appointment as the next step in the process.

Client and potential client meetings take place at Jennifer’s office or as otherwise arranged.

Hiring Jennifer Daniels

Representation commences once a written fee agreement is executed and payment arrangements (if necessary) are made.


My fee for any given case depends on the type of case involved and its complexity.  Generally speaking there are three different types of fee agreements that I use.

1. Flat Fee – A flat fee agreement involves the payment of an agreed upon sum of money by the client upon my being retained as the attorney in the case. The fee does not change, but is intended to cover my services from the beginning to the conclusion of the case. I typically use this type fee agreement on all my criminal defense cases. The amount of the fee depends on the type of criminal charge the client is facing (felonies cost more than misdemeanors; complex or very serious felonies typically cost the most).

2. Hourly Rate – For civil cases that are not personal injury cases, I often work on an hourly billable rate for my clients. I request that a retainer be paid to me, which is an agreed upon amount of money that I then deposit into my trust account and bill against it monthly. I bill in increments of a tenth of an hour at a time, which is standard in the industry. My hourly billing rate varies depending on the type of case involved.

3. Contingency Fee – A contingency fee agreement is used in all personal injury cases. The agreement provides that I will take a percentage of the gross recovery that is received in the case through either settlement or trial. The agreement provides that I agree to cover all the costs associated with the case as they are incurred (including costs of depositions, experts, demonstrative evidence, etc.) but will be reimbursed for those costs from the money recovered in the case. This protects you, the client, from having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees associated with litigating the case before you have recovered a dime in the matter. The percentage I take depends on the nature of the case but is always well within industry standards.

If you have more questions relating to my fees, please feel free to contact me

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