Over the course of several blogs, I explained the process in a criminal case and now want to take some time to go over how a civil case works. While there are variables in the process depending on the jurisdiction the case is pending (magistrate court, federal court or in a state or superior court), many of the same general… read more →

Justice Perverted

It’s been several weeks since a DeKalb County jury convicted Andrea Sneiderman of perjury charges, but the significance of that verdict still resonates with me like a bad dream I can’t shake. As I former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, I have spent much of my career believing in the system. Believing that prosecutors are in it for the… read more →

Step Twelve: Post-Conviction Relief

Once the trial court denies the defendant’s Motion for New Trial, the defendant has 30 days within which to file a Notice of Appeal with the clerk of court where the conviction occurred. Jurisdiction of the case is thereafter transferred to either the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court, depending on which court has jurisdiction over the issues in the… read more →

Step Eleven: The Motion for New Trial

If you are considering filing a Motion for New Trial, then things clearly did not go well at the trial of your case. Motions for New Trial must be filed within 30 days of the return of a guilty verdict at trial and it is the beginning of the appellate process. As the name suggests, the basis of the Motion… read more →
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