Step Four in Civil Case: Value of Case

Determining the value of a given case is no easy feat. A variety of factors come into play in trying to figure out how much money is sufficient to compensate a person for injuries and pain and suffering. Most folks don’t want to ever experience pain, especially severe pain brought about by broken bones, deep lacerations, disc herniations and the… read more →

Step Three In A Civil Case: Medical Information

MEDICAL RECORDS ARE CRITICAL IN A PERSONAL INJURY CASE As stated in my last blog, damages are the second critical component of a personal injury case. In order to prove damages, the lawyer must obtain all information relating to those damages. Let’s assume you were involved in a car wreck. If your car was damaged but you were uninjured, you… read more →

Step Two In A Civil Case: Establishing Liability

IMPORTANT FACTORS IN A CIVIL CASE Two factors are important in personal injury cases: (1) whether the plaintiff has sufficient evidence to establish that the injuring party was at fault, and (2) whether the plaintiff suffered damages as a result of the injuring party’s negligence. When an attorney first gets a personal injury case, one of the first things we… read more →


INJURED IN A CAR WRECK When police respond to a car wreck they take down information from each person involved in the collision including whether the person deemed responsible has insurance and all available information relating to the policy. That information is typically logged in the police report which is then made available through the department’s public records department. Usually,… read more →
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