Step Eight In A Civil Case: Discovery

Under Georgia law, once a defendant files an answer to the complaint a six month discovery period begins. The Answer is a paragraph by paragraph response to the allegations contained within the Plaintiff’s complaint. It also provides an opportunity for the defense to assert any affirmative defenses he/she may have to the complaint.  METHODS OF DISCOVERY IN A PERSONAL INJURY… read more →

Step Seven In A Civil Case: The Complaint

Assuming that negotiations fail or the lawyer has chosen to not even attempt negotiations (which sometimes happens), it’s time to begin litigation. The way an actual lawsuit begins is with the filing of a document called a Complaint. As the name suggests, the complaint sets forth both in factual and legal terms the wrongdoings of the defendant about which the… read more →

Step Six In A Civil Case: Negotiations

Once the Demand Letter has been sent to the insurance adjuster, the negotiations usually begin in earnest. The insurance company will typically make an offer that is often ridiculously low. If the damages are serious enough and the policy limits are low, sometimes they will go ahead and agree to pay the policy limits in order to avoid a situation… read more →

Step Five In a Civil Case: Demand Letter

Once the attorney has completed the process of obtaining all relevant information necessary to establish her case, it’s time to draft and send a demand letter. A demand letter, as its name connotes, is a letter demanding settlement of the claim for a certain amount of money. The letter should set forth a few important things.  ESTABLISHING LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL… read more →
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