No one in their right mind wants to get injured. No one wants be have a corporate or religious entity take advantage of them and cause them harm. Unfortunately, however, it happens every day. So, what do you do if you are the one who has been injured by the conduct of another person or institution? Well, frankly, it depends… read more →

Step Eleven In A Civil Case: Appeals

PRE-TRIAL APPEAL An appeal in a civil case can occur both before the case is tried and after. During the course of litigation a variety of issues can arise that can directly impact the outcome of the case. For example, as previously explained, if the Plaintiff loses on a motion for summary judgment his/her case may be over (depending on… read more →

Step Ten In A Civil Case: Trial

The trial of a case is where, as they say, the rubber meets the road. It’s the point where all the lawyer’s hard work and preparation is put to the test. Each case presents its own set of issues that must be addressed and managed by the lawyer. The trial provides the opportunity for the Plaintiff in a case to… read more →

Step Nine In A Civil Case: Motions

Once discovery has been completed in a civil case, either side has the opportunity to file what’s known as a Motion for Summary Judgment. This is a procedure whereby the judge in the case determines whether there is a genuine issue of material fact that must be decided by a jury in a case. If the facts turn out a… read more →
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