Step 10: Trial or Plea

The trial of a criminal case is where, as the saying goes, the rubber meets the road. It is the culmination of all the hard work, research and investigation the criminal defense lawyer has done – or should have done – on the case. Criminal cases are usually tried before a jury (6 persons for misdemeanors or 12 persons for… read more →

Step 9: The Trial Calendar

NOTICE FOR TRIAL CALENDAR CALL When a criminal defendant’s case appears on a trial calendar it often incites panic in both the defendant and his/her family. The immediate assumptions are that (1) the defendant’s case is the only one being called in for trial and (2) that the trial will be held on the day the defendant is required to… read more →

Step Eight: Motions Hearings

It would be virtually impossible to cover all the various motions hearings that can accompany a criminal case in a short blog. Perhaps in the future I will address more individually but here I will simply cover a couple of the more important hearings.  MOTION TO SUPPRESS EVIDENCE Without question, one of the most important and effective motions that can… read more →


Each criminal case gets assigned to a judge in the county or jurisdiction where the offense occurred. The assignment is usually random (each county controls the method of assignment)unless the defendant is actively on probation before a particular judge then any new cases will automatically be assigned back to that same judge. Each judge sets a schedule for his/her court… read more →
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