To Parents of a Recently Arrested Drug Addict

THEY'VE BEEN ARRESTED It's the call you've been dreading, or at least one of the calls you feared would come. You knew in your gut that this moment would arrive. Maybe you warned your son or daughter that their behavior was escalating to the point that getting arrested was inevitable, even as you hoped that it was not. You watched… read more →

Substance Abuse and the Criminal Justice System

MY HISTORY IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM I started my career in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor with the DeKalb County District Attorney's office. I was in my late twenties when I began working there and, without a lot of life experience, it was easy for me to view those who found themselves in the crosshairs of the… read more →


Once a jury has found a defendant guilty of criminal charges, it is very difficult to convince a judge to grant a new trial in the case. The law firm of Jennifer M. Daniels, P.C. is pleased to report such a victory in a case where the defendant was convicted of Rape and Kidnapping in Gwinnett County! ¬†MOTION FOR NEW… read more →

Warrant Application Hearings

SEEKING A WARRANT Georgia law provides a method for lay people (those other than law enforcement) and institutions to obtain warrants for the arrest of persons who have committed a crime against them. A victim can go to the magistrate court in the county in which the crime occurred and fill out the appropriate paperwork seeking the issuance of a… read more →
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