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Church Rejects Boy Scouts

I learned today that several local churches (mostly Baptist in denomination) including the famous Roswell Street Baptist Church have decided to sever ties with the Boy Scouts because the group has decided to allow openly gay scouts into its program. While I am appalled, I suppose I am not shocked. There seems to be a need among certain religious groups… read more →


If you don't believe that's how big business works, then consider for a moment the case of the Ford Pinto. Ford knew that the positioning of the gas tank on the pinto posed a risk of explosion and fire in the case of a rear-end collision. Its in-house studies had shown that 37 out of 40 Pinto's involved in a… read more →

THE JURY SYSTEM AND YOU (Or Why Trial Lawyers Rock)

Many prominent conservatives claim that rampant lawsuits are destroying America.  I'm here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Our founding fathers created this country with the idea that we could air our legal grievances to the audience of juries. They understood the value of the jury system; the value of a citizen's ability to bring… read more →

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Needs

As with any profession, there are some absolutely fantastic Criminal Defense and Personal Injury attorneys out there and there are some who are, well, not. So, how on earth is the average person with no legal training and no real connections in the legal community supposed to find the right Personal Injury or Criminal Defense lawyer to help him with… read more →
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