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jennifer-profileJennifer Daniels is a trial lawyer; a lawyer who will fight your battle for you in court at trial. If you need a true trial lawyer – someone to passionately take up your cause and fight for you all the way to the finish then Jennifer is the lawyer for you. Whether you are looking to make a claim against someone for the hurt and harm they’ve caused you or your loved ones or whether you’ve been charged with a crime and need a real lawyer to defend you in court, call Jennifer now. You’ll rest easy knowing that you can put your faith and trust in a lawyer with 22 years of experience and over 130 trials behind her.
For almost her entire career, Jennifer Daniels has worked to defend the rights of victims of all manner of wrongs committed by all types of people and institutions. After graduating with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law, Jennifer went to work for an insurance defense firm where she remained for 2 1/2 years learning the tricks of the trade. At some point, Jennifer experienced a crisis of conscience and decided she needed to do something different with her law degree. So, in 1994 she made a major career change and went to work as a prosecutor for the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office under the leadership of J. Tom Morgan. For 11 years, Jennifer gave voice to the many voiceless victims of crime in DeKalb County. She earned a reputation for being a tough but fair-minded prosecutor who stood up for victims even when some were too afraid to stand up for themselves. When she ended her prosecutorial career in 2005 after conducting well over a hundred criminal jury trials, the D.A.’s office mounted her badge on a plaque which summed up her career with the following quote: “A Courageous Voice For Victims And A Dynamic Trial Lawyer.”
Jennifer left the District Attorney’s Office in 2005 to go into private practice once more. She has worked tirelessly for the last seven years representing injured persons and criminal defendants in courts throughout the Metro area and all across Georgia. If you need a fighter, someone to passionately, ethically and honestly represent you in court, then call Jennifer now for a free consultation.

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If you have been injured by the negligent or intentional acts of a person or institution, please visit the Get Started page or contact Jennifer Daniels at 404-474-2531. She will make sure that you are heard and that you get the compensation that you deserve.
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