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    Over 130 Jury Trials in Her Career
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    A True Advocate For All Her Clients
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    Seeking Justice in Every Case

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Jennifer has been my guardian angel. I cannot go into a great deal of detail because the settlement is confidential, except to say that I was victimized by a large organization that refused to help me in anyway after I had been victimized. Jennifer stepped in and set things right. Because she believed in me and my cause, she took on my case and what seemed to me to be overwhelming odds against me. I am happy to report that because of her hard work and belief in me, we were able to resolve the case for a considerable amount of money and I now have a new life ahead of me.

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jennifer-profileJennifer Daniels is a highly skilled trial lawyer who will work her hardest to achieve the best possible result for you. Her decade-long tenure as an Assistant District Attorney in DeKalb County, Georgia gave her the experience and knowledge to handle any criminal matter from the simplest to the most complex. Whether you are charged with Trafficking in Drugs or a traffic violation, Murder or a misdemeanor, Jennifer Daniels will get the job done for you and get it done right. Likewise, Jennifer has extensive experience as a civil litigator and has a proven track record of success for her personal injury and business dispute clients. Please check out the testimonial section of this website to see some of the extraordinary results she has achieved on behalf of her clients. Consultations are free and inquiries are welcome.

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